Unemployment: How to Fill Time & Make Yourself More Employable

How to fill time (and your resume) during a period of unemployment….

It happens to the best of us. Many at some point in their life go through a period of extended unemployment. In an environment where technology is changing the jobs landscape at an ever increasing pace, it’s even more important to at least think about what you need to do during an extended period of joblessness.

Keeping yourself active is not only good for the spirit; it’s good for your resume. Be sure to undertake activities which can add to your skills, interests, and value. And, this isn’t just about keeping busy or bulking up a resume – You could also find that next great job through any one of these ideas below:

  • The most important thing is to not get discouraged. Know your value and keep a level head.
  • Are there industry designations you’ve been meaning to acquire? Now is a perfect time! It’s not just about adding letters to the end of your name, it’s gaining knowledge and bringing more to the table at that next interview.
  • Seminars (online and in-person) offer a great way to stay current with changes to your industry. Carriers often have seminars on new products, industry standards, emerging markets, etc.
  • Volunteer work through a local Community Center, Schools, Church, or Area Charitable Organizations.
  • Classes at your local Community College are usually affordable and offer an opportunity to brush up on new office technologies and learn new skills like web design, SEO, online marketing and social media – All of which are skills today’s Independent Insurance Agencies need.
  • Local Park Districts and Community Centers also offer free or very inexpensive classes and tutorials ranging from work skills to hobbies to wellness and beyond.
  • Home improvement projects. Tackle that update you’ve been putting off for months or years. Having extra time means you can undertake a project without hiring someone else to do it.

Whatever you do, be sure to stay active in both mind and body. It not only keeps you sharp and engaged, but you may even learn something new, build skills and expertise, make a new job connection, or at the very least keep yourself from bouncing off the walls until that next great opportunity arises.